Lesbian Kiss

The word lesbian originally referred to an inhabitant of Lesbos, an island in Greece where an ancient Greek lyric poet…


Kissing Games

One wonders at the prevalence of kissing games in this civilization. Games on the order of “Postoffice,” “Kiss the Pillow” and innumerable others which have been devised for the jovial…Continue Reading →

The Dancing Kiss

A very pleasant way to kiss is found in the “dancing kiss.” Here, again, it is the closeness of the…


Electric Kissing Parties

Some sixty years ago, a very peculiar kissing custom arose which deserves mention here because, from it, we can learn…


Become a Good Kisser

Kissing is something that one could talk about over and over again and never get bored. Nothing is better than a good kiss. Nothing makes the birds seem to sing…Continue Reading →

Breast Kissing In Kama Sutra

Being the breasts highly erogenous, some women will likely to heighten their degree of arousal by nipples stimulation alone. And…