Another question which must be settled at this time concerns the size of the kissee’s mouth. A consideration of this factor is important. Where the girl’s mouth is of the tiny, rosebud type, then one need not worry about what to do. Merely follow the directions as they were outlined above. However, there are many girls whose lips are broad and generous’, whose lips are on the order of Joan Crawford’s, for instance.. The technique in kissing such lips is different.
Different Sizes of Mouths Require a Different Technique in Kissing.

For, were one to allow his lips to remain centered, there would be wide expanses of lips, untouched and, therefore, wasted. In such cases,. instead of remaining adhered to the center of the lips, the young man should lift up his lips a trifle and begin to travel around the girl’s lips, stopping a number of times to drop a firm kiss in passing.

When you have made a complete round of the lips, return immediately to the center bud and feast there. Feast there as did that lover of Fatimas, in Tennysen’s poem, in which it was written that: “Once he drew, with one long kiss, my whole soul through my lips-as sunlight drinketh dew.”

Then, sip of the honey.

Like the bee that settles on the fragrant pistils of a flower, and sips in the nectar for honey, so should you sip in the nectar from between the lips of your love. And it is nectar. For there is in this mingling a symbol of the holy communion o f the spirits of two soul-mates, joined together in the bonds of an indissoluble love. It was a kiss such as this which caused the writer of an old German novel to write:

“Sophia returned my kiss and the earth went from under my feet; my soul was no longer in my body; I touched the stars; I knew the happiness of angels!”

Preparing For The Kiss

Previously, we mentioned that the woman’s lips were slightly parted when she awaited the lips of her lover. There was a reason for using this description. Always, in any sort of kiss, just before the male’s lips settle onto the lips of his partner, the female’s lips should be slightly parted. One reason for this is that cherry-red lips serve as a charming frame for a row of gleaming, white, even teeth.


The picture that confronts the kisser is one that draws him onward. And even, months later, when he thinks back to the kiss in the retrospect, he will remember that pretty little picture of the pearls of teeth nestling in their frame of cherries.

The deliciousness of a long-remembered kiss was beautifully expressed in a poem ‘called, “Three Kisses,” in which occurred the verse:

I gently raised her sweet, pure face,
Her eyes with radiant, love sight filled.
That trembling kiss I’ll ne’er forget
Which both our hearts with rapture filled.
Another reason for-parting the lips is that there is a definite gratification the male obtains from the delicious odor that emanates from his loved one’s mouth. John Secundus, in describing a kiss, said that a lover’s kiss was like:

“…every aromatic breeze that wafts from Africa’s spicy trees;”

The odor of a woman’s hair can send shivers of joy coursing up and down a man’s spine. The odor of her body can convulse him with throes of passion. Odors are as necessary to love as is love, itself. That is why it is so essential that the lips be parted just before the kiss. And that is why the breath should be kept always sweet and pure so that, when the lips art opened, the breath will be like an “aromatic breeze.” Sometimes it is advisable to touch the corners of the mouth with perfume. But be certain that there is only the faintest suggestion of an odor and no more.

Another thing, lipstick is definitely out in the kiss, because it comes off so readily. A very light coat of lipstick should be worn so that, when it does come off, it will not serve to betray you. Similarly, the teeth should be kept cleaned and polished. Nothing can dampen a young man’s ardor, or a young woman’s for that matter, than a row of brown-stained, unkempt teeth.

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