Or on thy lips, the fierce, fond boy
Marks with his teeth the furious joy.

So you see, it is perfectly normal people, if you can call poets normal people, who indulge in the “pain kiss” and derive intense pleasure from it. Punishment, after all, can be more than painful. For instance, in another poem, a poet says:

And if she dared her lips to pout,
Like many pert young misses,
I’d wind my arms her waist about
And punish her with kisses.

Naturally, in the “nip-kiss” the kisser is not supposed to open his mouth like the maw of a lion. and then sink his fangs into the delicate-flesh of the kissee. Ridiculous! The procedure is the same as the ordinary kiss except that, instead of closing your lips with the kiss, you leave them slightly. open and, as though you were going to nibble on a delicious tid-bit, take a playful nip into either the nape of the neck, the cheek or the lips. just a nip is enough. And the resultant pleasure, I assure you, will more than compensate for the slight inconvenience of pain.

Now there might be some of you who may wonder why such kissing subterfuges and substitutes are necessary. It is only that man is a questing animal. He is never satisfied with the ordinary and commonplace because the commonplace, after a time, becomes very boring. Not that I mean to infer that the usual “lip-kiss” is commonplace.. Absolutely not.

Why Are Men So Envious Of Female Orgasm?

The “lip-kiss,” as I have mentioned before, is the piece de resistance, the main course in the “banquet of love” as the poet, Qvid, called it. But imagine a meal in which there were seven courses of filet mignon or seven courses of lobster. You’d get sick and tired of a tender filet after the third course, wouldn’t you?

And after the second lobster, you wouldn’t be able to look a lobster in the eye, that is, providing a lobster has eyes. So you see why it is that if the lip-kiss were indulged in exclusively, you would reach a point where it would lose all of its rapturous savor.

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